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February 22-29, 2020.


RE·WILD: To restore something back to its natural state.

Join Jessica for a life-changing adventure of unleashing your wild woman in the magical highlands of Guatemala! This retreat is for all women wanting to live more fully and unapologetically in their power. Who are ready to step out from behind the self-effacing, overly-accommodating, "nice girl" facade into the truest, fiercest, brightest expression of their sensuous bodies and wild hearts.

Rewilding is about returning to your true nature — the free, fulfilled, and fully-expressed woman you were born to be before society told you who you should be. Through daily embodiment practices, sacred women’s circles, and rejuvenate self-care, you will revive all those deeper, wilder, alluring, lush parts of self so you are freer to live as the full spectrum woman you truly are.

This retreat takes place at the beautiful and magnetic Lake Atitlan. Local Mayans believe Lake Atitlan spans a powerful vortex of energy — making it one of the top 10 sacred places on earth. At our lush mountainside retreat center, you’ll enjoy organic vegetarian meals, cacao ceremonies, therapeutic treatments, waterfall hikes, and stunning views of Lake Atitlan and her surrounding volcanic peaks. 

If you’re ready to experience deeper aliveness, profound rejuvenation, and the sacred permission to step into your feminine brilliance, I hope to have you join us in magical Lake Atitlan.

Yours on the journey,



7 nights accommodation at the Yoga Forest.

Three colorful, vegetarian meals daily.

Daily morning embodiment practice with Jessica.

Sacred Women’s Circles with Jessica.

Opening Cacao Ceremony.

One 5-Rhythms Dance Movement Class.

One 2-hour Ecstatic Dance Celebration.

Two Healing Plant Baths.

One Complimentary Sauna Session.

One 60-minute Therapeutic Massage.

Village tour and visit to the San Juan Women’s Weaving Cooperative.

Day hike to the Tzunzuna Waterfalls.

Closing Cacao Ceremony.

Private Shuttle Service to and from Guatemala City Airport.


Not included in retreat price.

SUP Paddle Boarding on Lake Atitlan.

Rock Climbing on the Yoga Forest cliff face.

Explore the nearby spiritual village of San Marcos La Laguna.

Any of Yoga Forest’s Wellness Services: Therapeutic Massage, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Life Coaching, Tarot Readings, Mayan Astrology Readings, Ayurvedic Consultations, Holotropic Breathwork, Expressive Arts Therapy.

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Deep in the Guatemalan highlands is a mystical village that has beckoned backpackers and spiritual seekers for decades: San Marcos La Laguna. The scenery is reason enough to visit: with its three active volcanoes, wild orchids, ancient Mayan communities, and Lake Atitlan — a collapsed volcanic cone filled with water 1,000 feet deep.

Considered one of the most beautiful and magnetic lakes in the world, local Mayans call Lake Atitlan “the bellybutton of the world” and believe it spans a powerful vortex of energy that has earned it’s place as one of the top 10 sacred places on earth. Mayan ceremonies still take place at various sites around the lake, from caves to the top of an adjacent hill. 

Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages overlooking the lake are a winning combination of beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere, easily accessible Mayan culture and good tourist infrastructures. Known for its sacred and healing atmosphere, Lake Atitlan is the perfect spot to relax, retreat, and reconnect back to yourself.


The Yoga Forest is a sacred sanctuary with ancient Mayan altars and natural springs that have been protected as a natural reserve in order to honor the land and the heritage of its people.

Offering a unique retreat space within a tropical forest with amazing views, comfortable beds, delicious vegetarian meals, daily yoga and meditation, and holistic wellness offerings. The Yoga Forest shares conscious living as a spiritual practice, offering a unique retreat space for self-connection, connection to nature, and personal growth.

More than just a retreat center, The Yoga Forest shares a conscious business model integrating three pillars in a balanced practice of earth care, people care, and fair share. Through intercultural relationships of respect, the Yoga Forest weaves together local and global visions that inspire positive social and ecological impacts in the world. 




"This was truly a transformational experience and I never say this! Through Jessica's teachings and thoughtfully planned experiences of India, we were shown how to live as an edge-walker of life; to act from the heart and to live beautifully in the unknown. If you are seeking a deeper experience of life itself, travel with Jessica. It's the most profound thing I've ever done for myself."

— Shannon Kaza, India retreat participant.

Jessica's retreat changed my life because I learned how to be okay with always being myself and living in a way that expresses the truth deep within my heart. The daily yoga gave me a safe space to visit with myself and really allow what was already there to blossom. I can’t even express how valuable this time for me was and I would do it over and over again in a heartbeat."

Jenna Bingham. India, Bali, and Greek Island retreat participant.

"I knew I was needing a big change heading into my 30th year and was connected to Jessica and her retreat at exactly the right time. Jessica's retreat was a life-changing experience. She provided yoga sessions for people at all levels and beautiful resources for us to study and contemplate on our own. The theme was around finding your bliss and I am convinced that's what each one of us did on those yoga mats, swimming in the sea, sharing delicious meals with strangers who became friends, and exploring the bliss that lies in slowing life down and finding meaning in stillness. Jessica has an uncanny ability to find the best people around and bring them together on an adventure of a lifetime!"

— Brandy Arnold, Greek Island retreat participant. 

"I cannot express in words the love, transformation, and joy I found in Jessica’s guidance while in India. Traveling to India for me was a life-changing experience of exploring, expanding, and being open to the joy of all senses and all emotions. Jessica has a heart as big as the world and I'm so thankful for the teachings, love, and poetry she shared along the journey."

 Rebecca Ufkes, India retreat participant.

"I was so blown away at the richness of Jessica's retreat. It was amazing, illuminating, transformative, and was exactly what I needed. I'm so thankful to practice and study under Jessica — an incredibly brave and lovely soul!"

— Amy Thome, India retreat participant.


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Double Occupancy:

$1,997. Early bird: $1,777.

Single Occupancy:

$2,222. Early bird: $2,022.


International flight to and from Guatemala City, transportation costs to any sights or activities not included in retreat itinerary, costs of any miscellaneous activities or sightseeing not included in retreat itinerary, accommodation or meals for any extra night stay, any tips to drivers, porters, or guides, any shopping or gratuities, and cost of travel insurance.


We will provide a private shuttle to and from Guatemala City Airport to the Yoga Forest in Lake Atitlan. This shuttle will depart at 9am from Guatemala City Airport so it is essential that you are at the airport by 8am on February 22nd. Departing flights from Guatemala City Airport should be scheduled no earlier than 8pm. If you require an alternative itinerary, you will have to pay for the cost of private shuttle to and from the Yoga Forest.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot in this retreat. Full and final payment is due by Friday December 6th, 2019. Early-bird pricing is reserved for the first 5 persons to register.

There are limited spaces available for this retreat so reach out to Jessica today to reserve your spot!