Packages include:

  • Sunset welcome gathering on Mandrem Beach.
  • Twice-daily vegetarian meals (breakfast and dinner). 
  • Twice-daily yoga and meditation. 
  • Accommodation in tranquil retreat center. 
  • Sunset dinner on Arambol beach.
  • A group Ecstatic Dance outing.
  • Henna and tarot party. 
  • Closing ceremony on the beach. 

Optional activities:

  • Consultation with traditional Ayurvedic Doctor.
  • A tour of Old Goa's famous cathedrals and temples.
  • Paragliding on Keri Beach.
  • Nightly sunset drum circle.
  • Tantra Meditation. 

Package cost does not include: airfare, airport transfers, taxis, lunch, gratuities, extra excursions, cost of alcoholic beverages, or spa treatments/bodywork.



Single Occupancy Hut: $1,550

Double Occupancy Hut (must sign up with roommate): $1,250

Single Occupancy Room: $1,700

Double Occupancy Room (must sign up with roommate): $1,450

DEPOSIT POLICY: A 50% non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your spot in the retreat. Full payment is due November 1st, 2017. *$200 off for retreat participants who also attend Jessica's Yoga and Ayurveda Tour of Kerala the following week!*

Email Jessica and Heidi at LifeInTheWildRetreat@gmail.com to begin the conversation.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is highly recommended.




Jessica is teaming up with friend and yoga colleague, Heidi Dietrich, for the Life in the Wild Goa Retreat. As a yogini and artist, Heidi inspires her students to explore yoga as a living art. Through the dance of balancing the mind, body, and spirit she guides us toward harmonizing our inner truth with our actions and experiences.

Heidi’s gentle and restorative approach to the yoga practice incorporates energy work, flower essences, mantra, gemology, astrology, stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP), as well as yoga nidra.

Heidi Grace is the founder of Dharma & Grace Yoga Retreats and Charlevoix Yoga. She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica in 2009. She also has 108 hours of training in the heart oriented method of Anusara. In 2013, she completed her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei of SriYoga in San Francisco. Her vision is to share the layers of yoga that will help individuals to exist in total freedom.

“Don’t call it certainty —

call it wonder.

Don’t call it insecurity —

call it freedom.”


Join me and retreat partner, Heidi Dietrich, for a week-long journey into yoga and creative possibility in one of the most sacred and vibrantly alive places on earth -- India.

Inspired by Goa's renown lazy, fun, and tranquil vibe, together we will we choose the full embrace of the unknown and relax into this wild, unpredictable life. Through twice-daily yoga, meditation, playful movement, intuitive dance, sunset drum circles, henna parties, Ayurvedic massage and beach tranquility, you will feel yourself expand into the experience of freedom in a way you have never before. 

Moving deeper into the unknown is not only alluring and exciting, but it is the only way to live a truly vital, truly honest, and truly radiant life. Join us for a week of connection, play and rejuvenation on the pristine beaches and backwaters of North Goa. 


About GOA

Silken sand, gently crashing waves, thick coconut groves, hot pink sunsets, lazy backwaters and pristine beaches -- Goa is a breath of fresh air not to be missed on any hectic visit to mammoth, fascinating, often impossibly frenetic India. As one of the most popular tourist locations in India, people travel from all over the world to visit this small state renowned for its diverse mix of beaches, adrenaline activities, parties, nature and history. 

Every kind of yoga and spirituality-oriented health regime can be found here but Goa is far more than its old-school reputation as a hippie haven. There’s something on offer for everyone, from century old architectural marvels to makeshift huts, from trance parties to tranquility. Add a dash of Portuguese-influenced food, infuse with a colorful blend of religious traditions, pepper with parties and you’ve got a vibrant mix that makes Goa easy to enjoy and extremely hard to leave.




This past year was one of constant change and transition; and every moment in it an opportunity to meet the innate impermanence of life. Most days, I woke up not knowing what to do, where to go, or what will happen. And even now, today, I woke up and felt the same. Not sure what to do with myself. Not sure how my work or creative efforts will pan out. Not able to wrap my brain around the unknown enough to bend it to my will.

At first on my journey, this experience felt heavy and daunting for me -- only seeing the loss, uncertainty and fear. But, eventually, as I continued to wade in this endless ebb and flow, I saw the beauty. I saw the birth. I saw how embracing mystery and moving deeper into the unknown is not only alluring and exciting, but it is the only way to live a truly vital, truly honest, and truly radiant life. Why? Because mystery, uncertainty and change is woven into the very fabric of life. There is no going around it. If anything, that is what I really learned on this trip: That, yes, I may be alone at night in the middle-of-nowhere India with no place to go -- but I am no more insecure and vulnerable in this moment of my life than I was at my 9-5 job, in my hometown, surrounded by my family and friends. Because life is always in the wild. No matter how much we seek to create the illusion that it is otherwise, life is inherently insecure. It is always unknown.

But that's it's magic. That's its beauty. That's its creative possibility. And embracing that invitation toward the mysterious is how we cultivate trust in ourselves and the existence at large. It's how we develop courage and vitality. It's how we don't shatter every time we hit an unexpected bump in the road. It's how we open ourselves to feel alive and ready and receptive to the boundlessness of this beautiful/tragic world. But taking a wild leap into the unknown is one thing. Relaxing into it is another. And that's where I am currently at: Settling in and yoking myself to the fact that this life is never going to get predictable, no matter how much of my life I spend minimizing risk, appeasing fear, and accumulating comfort in resistance to its flow. So how can we feel at home while living this wild unpredictable life? By living dangerously. By living with the current of its ever-changing tide instead of against it. To live as if each moment is its own end. To stay alive to the beauty of the moment at hand even though it is dying. To fall in love even though it won't last. To take the risk even though you might fail. To follow your heart even though you have no idea where it will take you. To embark on the journey even if you never arrive. Risk is the way of the heart. To minimize risk is to slowly eliminate life's essential pulse.


No matter how much we plan our travel in this life, the unknown is always our destination. And no other destination on earth illuminates this more than sacred, wild, and mysterious India. Trust me. I don't hang out here for months because it is exotic and cool. There are far more easier places on this earth to be exotic and cool. I spend time in India because the principles that I seek to live through my yoga practice and my life get confronted, highlighted and applied. Not always in easy and pleasant ways. But, slowly, through lived experience in this land, wisdom not only drops from the head to the heart, but settles into your very limbs and the way you walk upon this earth.

Through my time in India this year, I learned that I can trust existence. I learned that I can trust myself. Watching existence provide the earth beneath my feet, one step of the way, every step of the way, has been the most profound experience of knowing I am deeply loved I have ever encountered. Giving myself infinite space to risk, create, play, love, make mistakes, dance, fall, and fail, and still be okay, has been a more profound experience of being held by love than I have ever felt being held securely by a lover.

And that is my wish for you during this retreat: Wild love. Crazy love. Love that would follow you all over this earth and never leave you. And to feel that same ever-presence of love even when no one is next to you. Even when no one is there to back you up and tell you it's going to be okay. Or that your dream is a good idea. And that you should definitely go for it. Or that your experience is real. And that it matters. And most importantly, it is my wish for you to trust that infinite love is there, and that you alone are enough and okay and completely capable, even when you don't feel it. Even when you are a ball of anxiety afraid to make a move, I wish you enough accumulated life experience of love and providence to know better. To know otherwise. And to move anyway.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Big love and deep bow,