Are you tired of hiding, holding back, playing small, or seeking to please others?

Are you ready to unleash your authentic womanhood from captivity and allow yourself to truly shine?

 Are you ready to feel wholly sovereign in yourself and fully aligned with your feminine brilliance?

If your answer is yes, I invite you to join me for this 50-hour Immersion Training in the Feminine Embodiment Arts. 

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You — just like every woman — were designed with a full neural network of unlimited pleasure potential, deep intuitive wisdom, and magnetic power. But only when you begin to wholly inhabit your body and reclaim your full feminine range will you fully open up to your capacity to generate limitless pleasure and creative power. 

As women, we've all accumulated experiences that have caused us to disassociate from our pelvis, female anatomy, and feminine expression. Because of this, many of us carry unconscious beliefs that cause us to negotiate our power for love, repress our true voice, lose touch with our intuition, carry guilt and shame, accept unhealthy relationship dynamics, and allow boundary violations that we would otherwise avoid if we were fully present in our bodies, and anchored in our truth.

In the patriarchal era, we learned to dim our light, to silence our voices, and suppress our natural wildness for the comfort of others and our own survival. But we are now being collectively called to awaken and embody our full feminine range without apology. To live that which is deep and vital to us — and allow our deepest feminine gifts to rebirth the world.

If you’ve been disempowered by shame and self-doubt, or have fallen into patterns of hiding your light, or negotiating your power for love, safety, and acceptance — I want to remind you:

Your power is not a currency.

+ You are meant to feel grounded, at home, and deeply alive in your body.

+ You are meant to feel free, fulfilled, and fully-expressed in your voice, relationships, and creative work.

+ You are meant to feel sovereign in yourself and deeply connected to your source of feminine power expressed through your body, sexuality, creativity, and truth.

And by doing the work to clear the imposed conditioning stored in the energy of your body, you can have it. I promise you — it takes way more energy to keep your luminous power locked down than it does to unleash yourself into the experience of womanhood you were designed to have.

Are you ready to claim it?

You deserve so much more than to hide, seek approval, and live a life that erodes your pleasure, power, and creative potential. If you’re ready to release extraordinary parts of yourself from captivity and shamelessly shine them into the world, I'd love to have you join this journey.


This program is for soulful women who are ready to embark on a deep healing journey of reclaiming their divine feminine nature. Through empowered education and body-based tools, you will receive a new relationship to your body, to your womanhood, and the confidence to shine as your most radiant, authentic, and powerful self. 

Some of the topics to be covered throughout this program are:

  • Inner Tantric Yoga for Women

  • Working with Feminine Archetypes

  • Somatic Experience and Embodiment

  • Explorations in Feminine Movement

  • Working with Emotions and Intuition

  • Shakti and the Ten Wisdom Goddesses

  • Meditation for the Feminine Psyche

  • Taoist Self-Care Practices for Women

  • Introduction to the Jade Egg Practice

  • Sexual Sovereignty + Empowerment

  • Yoni Yoga + Womb Wellness

  • Rewilding Work


The Embodied Feminine Immersion consists of 8 modules on Saturdays, from 1-6pm. In each module, we will build our studies by exploring a different quality of the divine feminine.

  • Module 1: WILD — May 18th

  • Module 2: SOVEREIGN — June 22nd

  • Module 3: WISE — June 29th

  • Module 4: FIERCE — July 13th

  • Module 5: SENSUAL — July 27th

  • Module 6: EROTIC — August 10th

  • Module 7: SOFT — August 24th

  • Module 8: MAGNETIC — September 21st

Participants must enroll in the entire program. Partial enrollments are not allowed. If you need to miss a weekend, that is fine, but you will not be partially refunded due to your absence. You will still receive session notes + handouts and any recordings a fellow participant makes for you.


The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche.

The Art of Everyday Ecstasy by Margot Anand.

Tantric Yoga and the Ten Wisdom Goddesses by David Frawley.

Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by OSHO.

Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd.

Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski.


The Embodied Feminine Immersion is for:

+ Women who are ready to live their lives from the truth of their deep, immeasurable value.

+ Women who are ready to dismantle the fears, self-limiting beliefs, and social conditioning that holds them back from stepping into their most authentic, vibrant, and fulfilled self.

+ Women who deeply sense the possibility to feel both free + fulfilled emotionally, relationally, sexually, and creatively.

+ Women who aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone. Who aren’t afraid to get real, get fiery, get vulnerable — even uncomfortable — in their process of becoming a more genuine, empowered, and integrated version of themselves. Those who also want to have fun, laugh, be silly, celebrate, and enjoy the experience of being woman.

+ Women who are committed to themselves and are excited to invest in their personal growth and development.

If you are looking for an immersive experience that will offer a breakthrough into your authentic womanhood — as well as nourish your creativity, productivity, and soul mission in this world — this is the program for you.


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Jessica is a yoga and Tantra teacher who specializes in feminine spirituality, sexuality, and embodiment. Inspired by her travels, sacred feminine lineage, and the raw experience of her own human journey, Jessica’s teachings are deep, poetic, provocative, and soulful. Expect to journey into uncharted territory within and meet yourself as the radiant and empowered conduit of the divine that you are.

For a complete list of Jessica's trainings and accreditations, please click here


Inhabiting Our Female Anatomy

with Beth Townsend of Healing Traditions.

Beth is an advanced practitioner and certified instructor of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® & Spiritual Healing — which uses herbs, nutrition, external abdominal massage, emotional/spiritual healing, and other techniques to remove obstructions and congestion within the abdomen and pelvis. Her work is done in the spirit of being a bridge between traditions and she meets clients wherever they are on that bridge.

Goddess Consciousness: Archetypes, Intuition, and the Subconscious Mind

with Shelly West, M.A., LLP.

Shelly West, M.A., LLP is a psychotherapist, teacher, artist and esoteric practitioner who works with dreams, archetypes, nature, and subtle energy practices. She enjoys working with people who desire to find balance, wholeness and integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypal energies within themselves through self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and spontaneous, authentic, creative expression.

Body De-Armoring and Intuitive Movement

with Jenny Bremer of Remembered Practice.

Jenny is a holistic mind-body therapist who uses a somatic, body-based approach to help you reclaim your body, recreate your personal narrative, and reconnect to your innate freedom. Specializing in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, intuitive movement, energetic unwinding, bodywork, breathwork, and emotional fluency, Jenny helps you uncover unconscious belief systems and embodied patterning so you can live in your deepest truth.


"I was so blown away at the richness of Jessica's retreat. It was amazing, illuminating, transformative, and was exactly what I needed. I'm so thankful to practice and study under Jessica — an incredibly brave and lovely soul!"

— Amy Thome, retreat participant.

“Through her knowledge, life experience, explorations, and profound insight, Jessica easily drew my awareness to what now seems obvious to me: I already embody all that I am seeking. I can trust my deep intuitive wisdom. And I can risk being my true self out in the world. For the first-time, I have real tools to connect to my authentic self and embrace life through full-bodied living. I’ve gained more realization and growth in a few short weeks with Jessica than years of therapy could provide.”

— Shannon Kaza, Feminine Embodiment Coaching Client.

"I cannot express in words the love, transformation, and joy I found in Jessica’s guidance while in India. Traveling to India for me was a life-changing experience of exploring, expanding, and being open to the joy of all senses and all emotions. Jessica has a heart as big as the world and I'm so thankful for the teachings, love, and poetry she shared along the journey."

— Rebecca Ufkes, retreat participant.


  • All 8 Embodied Feminine Immersion modules.

  • All 3 guest teacher workshops.

  • Sacred Women’s Circles + a private Facebook community for support.

  • Comprehensive themed handouts with journal prompts, practices, and rituals with each module.

  • A certificate of completion for 50-hours study in the Feminine Embodiment Arts.

  • A 15% discount off of the Embodied Radiance Retreat in Northern Michigan this September 2019.

  • Closing Goddess Ceremony.



Receive $150 off the total price when you pay in full by Friday, March 15th.

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot in the training. Please contact Jessica if you would like to choose a payment plan with financing.

Personalized Coaching Option

Deepen and customize your experience even more!

For an additional $347, you can add on a drilled Nephrite Jade Egg, 3 customized Flower Essences to support your journey, and one 90-minute 1:1 Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session with Jessica.

This includes a detailed written summary of our session notes for you to refer back to and a customized sequence of daily practices to support your continued growth.


Click here to fill out the application!


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me. I’d love to hear from you!


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Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this training?

No, not at all! But some body awareness + familiarity with yoga does help.

Are there any additional costs to this program?

You will need to purchase (or rent) the books from the reading list, and purchase a Nephrite Jade Egg. You will also need to provide your own journal, yoga mat, and yoga blankets (can be blankets from home).

Will this program certify me to teach?

No, this training is not a teaching certification. You will receive a certificate of completion for the 50-hour immersion. The purpose of this training is embodiment; not professional accreditation. It is a self-training and a personal investment in yourself.

The 8 modules only add up to 40 hours. How do I get the remaining 10?

You have two options for completing the remaining 10 hours: You can log 10 self-practice hours + written reflection. Or you can receive the last 10 hours of training at the Embodied Radiance Retreat in September 2019 in Northern, MI. This is an optional personal development retreat where we’ll explore how to step onto the open stage of life, offer our deepest gifts without fear, and shine the radiant light of our unique soul signature without apology. The price of this retreat is not included in the price of the 8 modules, but Embodied Feminine Immersion participants receive the retreat at a discounted rate. More details regarding the Embodied Radiance Retreat coming soon.

How do I register?

You will first need to fill out an application so I can get to know you better and ensure I can serve you through this program. After you are accepted into the program, you will need to place a deposit down to reserve your spot. There are limited spots available to participate in this program so please only apply if you are ready to place down a deposit. Payment plans with financing are available for those who need.

Click here to fill out the application!