The other night I was having a drink with a friend and client of mine and he said to me, “I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time with Jessica the priestess; but I’d like to spend more time with Jessica the human.” To which I replied, “I’d like to spend more time with Jessica the human too.” ⁣⁣
I became a yoga teacher at age 24. I started teaching full-time at 25. At 27, I demoted myself to yoga guide thinking it would take me off the pedestal I never wanted to be on. And, now, here I am, at 31, ready to shape-shift once again. ⁣

There’s never been much of a discrepancy between my personal and professional life — especially within the last few years. I have a yoga and travel brand, and I’ve never once posted any information about yoga or travel. Ha! 🤣 Everything I share on here is just my life. My stories. What I’m learning. What I’m feeling. The joy and terror of living life in the unknown; and what yoga and travel teaches me along the way. You couldn’t pay me to write 5 yoga poses to cure jet-lag, or 5 must-see attractions in Mumbai. I’ve got no interest in posting myself doing a different yoga pose #everydamnday, or taking incessant travel selfies in front of temples or monuments. ⁣⁣
And you’d experience the same at my retreats. I teach from my lived experience. I share my heart. My journey. My pain. My joy. My wonder. Because eventually, after a few years of teaching, you realize that you don’t really know most of the information you’ve gathered through books, trainings, and certifications anyhow. That you haven’t lived it, so it’s not your story to tell. And, therefore, sharing it with others will have little to no lasting impact — on them, or you. Embodied wisdom is truly all that’s of any value. Everything else is just regurgitated information pre-packaged at a price tag.⁣⁣
So I’ve made a point to live life in such a way that I have stories to tell and things of value to say. I’ve taken concepts I’ve read in books and did the fieldwork to see how they hold up in real life. To see if they could be found in nature — if they could be truly lived. I’ve wrestled and experimented. I’ve discerned and rebuked. I held ideals about love and life close against my chest, and then shed weeks of tears when my misunderstandings wounded me. I’ve written about heartbreak, break-ups, the people and places who stole my heart, and the beauty and tragedy I’ve witnessed along the way. I’ve shared the highs and lows of my love affair with India — a mystery that satiates me like nothing else on this planet — and the life-altering initiations that tapped me deep into her core. I’ve shared about my journey with thyroid cancer, my evolving relationship with fear, and, more recently, the incessant, lingering feeling that there is nowhere on this planet that I truly belong. And I’ve done all this to, yes, share my story. But, also, to receive the grace of being human while working in an industry that constantly seeks to transcend that.⁣

Although all of what I’ve shared has been true, I’ve still held a lot of myself back. I’ve got a lot more to give, a lot more I want to wrestle with, and a lot more I want to unveil. And I now feel ready. Over the next week or so, you’ll see this account transition over into something that’s more representative of what’s alive in my heart. I’ll have a new bio and I’ll get a new name. Yoga and travel will still have their place on here (as they will always have a place in my real life) but the focus will shift. The content will be more provocative. More heart-centered. More curious. And closer to the epicenter of what I perceive to be the healing revolution needed on this planet.⁣

The topics I’ll engage will be a slow unraveling, like a tapestry that’s undone by a single thread. But I’ll let this quote by OSHO take the lead: “Where Yoga ends, Tantra begins. The highest peak of Yoga is the beginning of Tantra. Tantra brings you to the ultimate goal because the final thing is to be natural.”⁣

So in the wake of this transition, I feel the need to reintroduce myself: Hi. 👋 I’m Jessica. Woman. Seeker. World Citizen. Advocate for Feeling Fully. Former Yoga Guide 🧘‍♀️ turned Human Companion. 💁‍♀️⁣