Today I had to say goodbye to someone who has become dear to me during my time here in Malaysia. When we went to part I approached him for a hug (our first hug) and I could tell he was trying to make it quick and painless in order to become unavailable to feeling. I invited him to stay in the embrace and allow himself to relax and really show up for it.

Within a few moments, I felt his heart melt open against my own. When I walked away from the embrace and went on my way, I was so deeply touched by it that I could feel my whole body enliven and a glow radiate from behind my eyes. I felt so empowered in that moment — like I was channeling Amma and could open to and embrace the whole world.

Dear Men,

When you are present and anchored in your heart’s depth, you have the power to invoke the arousal of radiance in a woman. You have a power to open her beyond her own capacity to open. To please a woman, you do not have to figure her out, perform, go harder, go faster, or project bravado. More often than not, this simply causes a woman to armor or shrink (though she may not even realize it).

Your heart’s depth is your true pillar. Your heart is your true source of masculine power. Your heart can empower a woman in ways that can truly change the world — and there does not need to be any sexual encounter in order to do so.

Thank you to the men in my life who have empowered me with a glimpse into their heart.