I am teaching a Tantric Meditation workshop this Saturday and the primary experience I want impart is this:

The way in which you express and embody your sexual energy — not only within your relationships and sexual intimacy, but also your creative work, your conversations, the way that you move, the way that you pick up objects, the way that you grocery shop, the way that you fold laundry — is your personal artistry in this world. Your sexual energy is an art. And every single one of you have an erotic fingerprint that is unique to you.

You discover your erotic fingerprint once you’ve done the work to explore for yourself and deeply know, in a truly embodied sense, what conditions are needed for you to wholly surrender to your pleasure and shamelessly shine it forth into the world. Your sexual energy is what radiates from you. It’s the magnet that gives shape to the life you see around you. And it’s your creative signature that enables you to bring your deepest gifts to life.

Expressing your sexual energy has little to do with looking sexy, and everything to do with being willing to take risks to unveil who you really are. If you find yourself sitting in a life that doesn’t seem to represent or express the truth of who you are — ask yourself how much you are hiding. Ask yourself how much are you holding back. Ask yourself how much energy you’re expending on keeping your luminous power on lockdown. And most importantly, ask yourself if you’re willing to surrender all that you’ve held captive so your gifts can be given most artfully to the world.

Your sexuality does not belong to your husband. It does not belong to your boyfriend, or girlfriend. Nor does it belong to a sick society that seeks to profit from your sexual shame. Rather, your sexuality is the invisible thread that weaves all of your existence together. It’s your desire to be alive. Your most tender expression of love. Your unbound capacity for pleasure. And your unending source of creative power. 

Most importantly, it’s entirely yours. And yours to shine forth through your life. Take artistic license. Join me for Tantric Meditation at Kula Grand Rapids this Saturday, August 11th from 1:30-3:30pm. Do pre-register to reserve your spot.