Some thoughts on sadhana and the art of self-pleasuring. 🧘‍♀️🌺 ✨

As Ayurveda says, everything in creation can be either poison or medicine. The same sequence of poses that supported you at one point in time can be detrimental to your health in a different time and space.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury to pay someone for a recipe or formula and then just zone out after we’ve found a few cool tricks and moves that work for us. No, we actually have to remain awake. We have to learn to cook for ourselves. We have to regard our sadhana (and our well-being) like it’s actually alive — ebbing and flowing, forever-changing, and responding to growth, environment, and intention.

For me, I’ve realized I can no longer begin any practice with prana or tejas. If I just start rolling through asanas and pranayamas, I will be worse off than when I started — it feels dry and arbitrary, like it’s just overriding my experience instead of actually connecting to it. Nowadays, my practice needs to start with ojas, or some form of self-pleasuring, for me to really relax and drop into the experience.

When I say self-pleasuring I am speaking with the broadest terms of what that means — but I am also speaking inclusively to direct contact with the genitals if that’s where it leads you. Essentially, we are wanting to curate a sense of full body arousal — as arousal is a direct link and expression of our pranic vitality.

I’m not just talking about sexual libido here — I’m talking about whole life libido! Your arousal, like your sexuality, is not a means to an end; nor is it something that exists solely for the purpose of sex or somebody else. Your sensations of pleasure and arousal are for you to own, embody, and enjoy for yourself. I believe a well-curated yoga sadhana will leave one turned on to the whole of life.

Becoming intimate with the source of our pleasure, and standing sovereign in both the embodiment and expression of it, is so so freaking important for our vitality — especially for those of us seeking to reclaim our practices in light of our feminine energy and/or female bodies.

So how does one self-pleasure in yoga sadhana?

Well, only you can answer that question; as only you know what turns you on! But here’s a good precept to start with:

Do only that which enlivens you. Figure out what really pleasures you. Play. Explore. Experiment. Move, breathe, and express in ways that are deeply sensual and life-giving.

And if you really get stuck, look to your preferences in the bedroom and start there! Perhaps you like to begin slowly. Perhaps you like to sway with your spine. Perhaps you like to keep your eyes open. Perhaps you are very responsive to breath and sound. You’ll likely find that your true preferences in sex (before they’re potentially compromised by another person’s preferences) are very similar to your preferences in yoga.

🤔 Hm, I wonder why? 😂😂😂

But try it! Do something that puts you in a languorous mood you can build on. Maybe it’s self-massage. Maybe it’s chanting sounds and placing them into different parts of your body. Maybe it’s open-mouth breathing. Maybe it’s tasting a piece of chocolate and then letting the local pleasure spread into a full-body resonance. Try something that works for YOU.

Is anyone feeling me on this? Let me know in the comments! 🤝👇