If you want to feel whole, you have to regard yourself as whole.⁣

Spirituality often causes disembodiment. Not only due to it’s usual bias toward transcendence, but also because it seeks to divide the self into a sum of binaries, polarities, and parts. Higher and lower. Yin and yang. Real and unreal. Good and bad. Sexual and non-sexual. The self is regarded as a conglomerate of chakras, meridians, and elements organized into linear gradation and ascension — and then attributed with spiritual and unspiritual meaning.⁣

But what if it’s not true? What if there is no lower self? Or higher self? What if there is just you? Just one self that you have to deal with. One galaxy functioning on the same level of existence. One self that you cannot divide, compartmentalize, or exclude. Just an infinite level field that reaches out and touches life in all directions.⁣

And what if — this whole time — your heartbreak never spoke of brokenness? Your pain nothing of woundedness? Your mistakes nothing of failure? And your anger nothing of sin? ⁣

What if your sexual desires spoke nothing of shame? And your traumas weren’t something you had to fix, unlearn, or overcome? What if they’re just there? What if you’re just here?⁣

What would that be like? To know that every bit of yourself matters? That every bit of yourself counts? That every bit of yourself is yourself. Valued. Loved. Of eternal value. That all that you are is sacred and sexual; lovable, and accepted as a whole? ⁣

Isn’t that ultimately what we’re all wanting beneath our attempts to purify, prove, and improve? Beneath our attempts to ascend, and rise, and jump through hoops for love and approval? Beneath our tendencies to reject, close down, and run away? The desire for someone to see us the way we hope we are? The way, deep down, we must somehow suspect we are: Someone who’s okay. Someone who’s enough. Someone who’s enough right now.⁣

How could you offer that to yourself? ⁣

How could you offer that to someone else?⁣

How could you trust that you’re whole right now?⁣

And as whole as you ever will be?⁣