No more tolerating.
No more suspending your worth.
No more average meals.
No more decent guys.
No more less-than-glorious touch.
No more cheap wine.
No more dull conversations.
No more talking around your true feelings.
No more clothes that don’t feel amazing. 
No more sex that doesn’t worship you.
No more jobs that leave you dead inside.
No more “maybe they’ll change.”
No more “it’ll do for now.”

Yes. Be a diva. Please be a diva of your own life. You should be a diva about how your body is touched. You should be a diva about the relationships you enter. About the food you ingest. The words that you listen to. The thoughts that you think. You are curating the quality of vibration you choose to stand in with every choice you make. Do not sit on the back-burner and pacify your right to take up space and make yourself known.

I’m serious. If they made your coffee wrong, ask them to correct it. If your meal doesn’t taste fresh or made with love, don’t it eat. If somebody interprets what you’ve said wrong, clarify it. If you don’t love how you’re being touched, say something. If someone isn’t giving you their full attention, stop talking. If universe sends you someone who can only offer 9 of 10 needs you require to thrive in a relationship, (lovingly) send them back. Show up to the details of your life and stop letting what you don’t want slip in the cracks. No need to reprimand others — just kindly reiterate and make yourself clear.

You were given an unlimited source of power and pleasure for a reason. Why suppress it? Why dull the senses and keep it at bay by saying this is good enough? Trust your longings. Implement your discernment. Go to the very edge of your perceived worthiness in this world and stretch it even further. Let those who say you’re being too picky take a look at their own lives.

Living from the truth of your divinity has nothing to do with thinking you’re better than or superior to others. Every person has this birthright — and each person has their own responsibility to live by it.

If you’ve somehow forgotten, let me remind you: You are a temple. And the temple has sacred standards that are honored and observed.