Feminine power is deeply mysterious. It’s entirely unlike any notion of power we’ve been taught. And completely counterintuitive to the masculine paradigm of work, sacrifice, and achievement we have all been conditioned to perform in.⁣

Lifestyles and belief-systems based in asserting, striving, and chasing after things is not only exhausting to the feminine nature — it's a counterproductive misuse of feminine power. ⁣

The feminine is not a hunter. She is a conduit. A channeler. A vessel. And a space-holder. She does not abandon her feminine ground to go out and strive after what she wants. Rather, she refines her clarity, surrenders to the flow, and harmonizes with it’s frequency from the inside out. She creates a beautiful and inviting space to attract all things to her. ⁣

🌔 How much have you invested in the belief that you must strive, struggle, and sacrifice in order to create what you want?⁣

🌗 How would it feel to receive rather than achieve? How would it feel for your creation process to be rooted in ease, allowance, and flow? ⁣

🌔 How could you become an inviting and trusted safe-keeper for everything you want? ⁣

True feminine power (or yin power) is the way of Divine Magnetism — the ability to yield, absorb, and magnetize all things to us. Yin power is the consciousness and ‘beingness’ that allows us to draw into our lives all that we desire.⁣ Initiation into yin power begins with the art of doing nothing — the conscious choice to let go of the need to force, to struggle, and believe that we must make things happen of our own accord. The conscious choice to surrender the limits of our control to the limitless Source that longs to create through us. ⁣

In the Shakti Circle this Friday at Kula Grand Rapids through an exploration of Taoist yin yoga, feminine ritual, and self-care, we'll explore this art of doing nothing and accomplishing everything. Space is limited so pre-registration is highly recommended to reserve your spot.

“Whatever you want in life, it is chasing you. But you are so busy chasing it, it never catches up to you. If you sit still and wait for it, and you do what you have to do to maintain yourself instead of running around chasing it, the thing you want will catch up to you. When it catches up to you, you can join and flow with it. That is the key: the less you do the better — especially with your energy and achieving things. Because there is really no where to go. You are already here and everything will come to you. This is the effortless path of the Tao.” — Mantak Chia⁣