Heart, I said, what a gift it has been
to enter this circle of lovers,
to see beyond seeing itself,
to reach and feel within the breast.
— Rumi

I've always been a person who really feels things. And sometimes life opens up in such a potent way that I feel paralyzed with bewilderment and gratitude. Life, in these past few weeks, has been so profoundly eye-opening and alive, I've hardly been able to process it. So tonight, I am taking a moment of pause to hold space for the plethora of awe-inspiring encounters and moments of raw epiphany this life has bestowed on my path as of late.

It has been one of those seasons where the simple act of tripping over someone's foot has emerged into a new friendship, where complete strangers greet me with a hug, where the car I am convinced hates me for the dumb move I just made, pulls up next to me and greets me with a smile. It's been one of heightened awareness where I am in constant awe of how much creativity, generosity, and synchronicity abounds. I went to take a yoga workshop and the studio donated a spot to me. I ran into an old customer at Starbucks and he bought me a drink. I went to the bar and won a game of pool (#miracle).

And then there are those moments of unexpected connection. When you go out on a limb to attend a social outing alone and end up having the most life-giving conversation you've had since your time in India. When someone shares the pain of their health struggles and it gives you incredible perspective on your own. When you meet someone interesting on a social media site and the next thing you know the two of you are holding a giant map of the Eastern Hemisphere, scheming out new adventures together.

Then there were those moments of utter clarity. When you finally see a toxic relationship for what it is and cut it off without a second glance. When you finally realize the way other people judge you is none of your business. And you learn for the umpteenth time, the hardest lesson on the spiritual path to learn: to not take shit personally.

And then there are my incredible students. It never ceases to amaze me the access this yoga certification has given me into the deep poignant moments of other people's lives. Most days I feel unqualified and unworthy to offer counsel in the situations I encounter on a weekly basis. This week alone I mourned with a client I see for infertility when she learned her In Vitro treatment was unsuccessful. I had a student at the hospital tell me that our guided meditation together allowed her to fully grieve losing her son to suicide ten years ago. I celebrated with another client who is walking for the first time in months without pain in her right hip. And then I received this email:

I have to give you credit for my bold actions to create a healthier and happier lifestyle for myself based on the short time I have spent with you, learning from your teachings. I have complete faith in my decisions and have refused to let fear guide my choices from here on out.

I am so humbled and honored to be invited to share into the spaces of these beautiful lives. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself. I cannot believe that I have the daily opportunity to offer healing to others through a practice that has so deeply healed myself. Not only do I get to introduce people to their first experience of India early next year, but on a weekly basis I get to introduce people to the supreme truth that they are so insanely loveable. That they are whole able beings with infinite potential.

There is not much of a point to this blog post other than a means for me to process my own gratitude and let the universe know that, yes, I am listening, and yes, I feel this incredible support. And also to say to those who may be reading this: If we've interacted over these past few weeks, you have insanely blessed my life, my gratitude abounds, and if you are one of my yoga students, I am most likely one of your biggest fans.

Deep bow,